Negotiation And Drafting Contracts

W/M/W LLP | We X-Ray Your Contracs

Many business disputes can be avoided through effective and well-written contracts and contract negotiation. W/M/W LLP helps companies and other businesses draft and negotiate nationally and internationally contracts that prevent future disputes and litigation.

Whether our clients need assistance drafting a contract, negotiating its terms or need us to review a contract that has to be signed, we will ensure that our clients' rights and interests are effectively protected. We have sophistication and experience to represent the interests of multinational companies, small and medium-sized businesses as well as startups requiring high quality legal representation. We also advise in the creation of comprehensive contracts that will achieve our clients` business goal. If a contract dispute arises, we are prepared to advocate our clients‘ positions and advance their interests.

We draft contracts both in English and in German.

We help our clients to adapt their contracts to comply with German and European Law. Localization is more than just translation.

We handle many contract related services, e.g. the the draft of a contract or the audit of a contract, for fixed prices. Feel free to call or email us for a non-binding offer.