Debt Collection

W/M/W LLP | Debt Collection

The collection of outstanding debts is of central importance for all businesses. W/M/W has many years of experience in debt collection for clients around the country.

We represent a diverse clientele comprised of national and international businesses in all phases of collection. We handle debt collection claims through all of Germany. We do not only collect debt, we also handle litigation needs.

We can take care of your collection claims as our expertise includes:
- Debt Recovery
- Mortgage Enforcement & Loan Defaults
- Retail, including credit card, Commercial & Government Collections
- Vehicle & Equipment Leasing

We aim at making the debt recovery process as simple and efficient as possible for our clients.

Our fees for services related to the collection of outstanding debts are regulated in the Code of Lawyers' fees, Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG). The fees in this area of practice are based on the sum in dispute.

Fees based on a quota litis are -with few exemptions- illegal according to German Law. The winning party of a trial however will be reimbursed with their costs by the opponent.

Feel free to call or email us for details.