W/M/W | Litigation.

Litigation is part of the core expertise of W/M/W LLP. Our clients are served with extensive and intensive experience in litigation. Attorney at Law Sebastian Wolff-Marting has represented clients in several hundred cases in court.

We advise on domestic disputes, with a special focus on IP issues, competition issues and commercial matters. We represent our clients in and out of court in all proceedings. We advise domestic and foreign companies, entrepreneurs as well as private individuals.

The lawyers of W/M/W LLP represent their clients in courts everywhere in Germany.

In our main areas of practice we represent our clients before most German courts. We are particularly experienced to litigate in front of the most important courts, which in our areas of practice are in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt.

On the map below you will find a number of German cities with courts in front of which an Attorney at Law of W/M/W LLP has represented a client.