W/M/W LLP | Where Localization is More Than Translation

In the international world of business the localization of contracts, terms and conditions and privacy or corporate governance policies is essential for foreign companies. We advise our clients in adaption of contracts with regards to current German legislation with respecting the cultural differences to prevent liability and future disputes.

We assist our clients in translation, review and localization of corporate templates.

German law is characterized by its codified system of legal provision. The most important legal issues and and matters are controlled by comprehensive legislation in the form of statutes, codes and regulations. The legislation provides the systematic and structural parameters while lawyers use the law to shape and organize the specific situation. German and European laws and regulation focus on customer protection and fair business practices.

Contracts or terms and conditions drafted to suit with foreign especially US laws will not comply with German law. The usage of foreign contracts, translated or not, may result not only in legal uncertainty but also in complaints of competitors or other business agencies

We offer the localization of contracts, terms and conditions or business policies for fixed prices, depending on time and efforts needed.

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