W/M/W LLP | Copyright.

W/M/W LLP assists in protection efforts for creative works such as literature, music, the visual arts and photographic works, websites or computer software in favor of the respective authors.

We offer all services relating to all matters of copyright law such as use, reproduction and publication. W/M/W LLP assists and drafts license agreements on a national and international level.

We help to negotiate and compose contracts between authors and users.

We help copyright holders if their intellectual property is violated by third parties.

We adapt your licenses, terms and conditions and business policies to comply with German and European copyright laws and customer protection laws.

We also defend users against claims without merit from third parties both within court and outside.

We answer "Abmahnungen" or take-down notices for you and advise you on how to react properly.

Open Source
We are experienced dealing with new and alternative license models such as open source software (OSS) or open content. We advise copyright holders and users whenever such license is applicable under German and European Copyright laws. German and European copyright laws differ in many aspects from copyright laws in other countries such as the USA.

Did you know?
We handle many copyright-related services for fixed prices. Feel free to call or email us for a non-binding offer or ask for details.