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W/M/W LLP | IT-Laywers.

The law firm has a sophisticated practice in IT or computer law. We advise and represent companies in all matters relating to computer law that may arise when dealing with computer and software related businesses.

We assist you in registering and protecting product names, preparing general terms and conditions, ensuring data protection and meeting the legal requirements for software development or youth protection laws.

We help you with negotiating and composing your contracts and agreements while doing business in Germany. We adapt your contracts, terms and conditions and privacy policies to comply with German and European customer protection laws.

We defend your rights in cases concerning copyright infringement and help you to protect your software with all applicable intellectual property rights.

Planning an IT related project in Germany?
We can help you on all legal matters.

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We handle many IT-related services for a fixed price. Feel free to call or email us for a non-binding offer.