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W/M/W LLP | Media Law.

We have have a broad experience in all issues related to media law. We represent you in and out of court.

We advise publishers, producers and media associations on all questions of media regulation, media merger law, and media policy.

We are experienced in defamation and censorship law suits in front of different German courts. We are also experienced in law suits over preliminary injunctions.

We defended free speech cases against claims of high ranking government officials, including a German federal minister, and big business companies. We also defended private persons and business companies against defamation or libel.

Our services range from advice on internet, film and print media, and the right to injunctive relief to claims of restitution and compensatory damages.

For outsiders costs in legal suits concerning press and media law can be quite confusing. Court and lawyer fees are regulated in a federal law in Germany and are based on the sum in dispute in most cases.

However, Experts like the Lawyers of W/M/W LLP can predict the estimated total costs of a lawsuit. Feel free to ask us for a non-binding offer.